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Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Monitoring Form

The SDT is committed to equality of opportunity and aims to treat everyone who appears before the Tribunal, or who uses the Tribunal’s services, fairly and with respect, regardless of their background. To help us monitor the success of this commitment, we would like to invite you, on a voluntary basis, to complete this Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Monitoring Form.

You will be asked about your ethnic origin, disability, age, gender, sexual orientation and religion or belief. The purpose of asking for this sensitive information is in order that we can monitor the outcomes for solicitors who appear before the Tribunal on regulatory charges, and ensure there is no disproportionality based on these protected characteristics.

We appreciate that some people may not wish to disclose some of the information requested. For this reason, each question has a ‘prefer not to say’ option, and we would ask that you complete the questionnaire using this option as necessary.

The information you provide will be treated in strict confidence. It will be stored securely and confidentially and will only be used for monitoring purposes. It will not be disclosed outside the Tribunal and it will not be shared with the Tribunal Members sitting on the case management and/or substantive hearing.

Although the SDT may publish anonymised diversity data, the information will not be attributable to any individual(s). If you have any questions about this exercise, or would like to discuss any concerns, please contact us at

What is your ethnic group?

Do you consider yourself to have a disability?
What is your age group?
What is your sexual orientation?

What is your religion or belief?

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