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We aim to produce judgments containing the Tribunal’s detailed reasons and findings within seven weeks of the last day of the hearing.

Latest Judgments

Respondent: Karen Nicholson

Outcome: Strike off

Respondent: Andrew James Cutland

Outcome: Strike off

Respondent: Henry Charles Adrian Syms

Outcome: Strike off

Recent Cases

Case Number

12454 / 2023

Respondent: Richard Ashley Smith

Outcome: Strike off

Case Number

12475 / 2023

Respondent: Christopher John Coates

Outcome: Determination of Indefinite Suspension – Granted

Case Number

12487 / 2023

Respondent: Mladen Kesar

Outcome: Variation of Conditions on Practising Certificate

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If you would like to check if a solicitor has had a previous Judgment against them then please search by name or case number.


Frequently asked questions relating to SDT Judgments.