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We hear cases of alleged misconduct by solicitors, registered European Lawyers, registered foreign lawyers and employees of solicitors’ firms. 

Upcoming Hearings

Case: 12486 / 2023

Location: Court Room 1

Case: 12337 / 2022, 12519 / 2023, 12550 / 2024

Location: Virtual Room 6

Case: 12510 / 2023

Location: Court Room 1

Recent Cases

Case Number

12565 / 2024

Respondent: Nicholas Giles Collins

Outcome: Strike off

Case Number

12506 / 2023

Respondent: Pravin Jugdaohsingh

Outcome: Strike off

Case Number

12512 / 2023

Respondent: Kerry Ann Stevens

Outcome: Strike off

Attending a Hearing

In-person hearings take place in our London Court Rooms, while some hearings may be held remotely. Cases are heard by a panel of three Tribunal Members, comprising of two Solicitor Members and one Lay Member. A Solicitor Member sits as the Chair of the Panel.


View answers to frequently asked questions regards hearings at the SDT.