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CaseLines is coming soon – transforming the way the Tribunal works

The SDT is introducing a secure, cloud based, digital court platform called CaseLines.  Parties in a case will be able to upload evidence documents directly into the CaseLines system, thereby eliminating the need for paper hearing bundles. 

CaseLines is already used in all Crown Courts in England and Wales and a growing number of Family Courts.

How will CaseLInes change the way SDT hearings are presented?

Evidence documents are uploaded securely to a remote cloud server which automatically paginates the bundle and presents the documents as if they were in a paper bundle.  The bundle can be accessed on any device with an internet connection in court, at home or even while travelling.

As a result, CaseLines will reduce the time, effort and cost involved for Tribunal users – and for the Tribunal itself – in the preparation, collaboration and presentation in court of legal evidence bundles. The parties or their legal representatives will upload the evidence relied upon in the proceedings to the CaseLines digital platform.  Hard copies of the documents will no longer need to be filed at the Tribunal as electronic bundles will replace paper hearing bundles in the court room.

What are the benefits for Tribunal users?

The system is easy to use and is already used in the Crown and Family Courts in England and Wales

CaseLines will reduce paper, printing, photocopying, postage and administrative costs for users by removing the requirement to file multiple hard copies of documents and bundles at the Tribunal.

There will be a consistent bundle format and pagination, with all users having access to the same information.  Bundles are automatically updated to reflect changes and users are automatically notified of any changes to the bundle.

CaseLines provides a secure method of electronically exchanging bundles thereby reducing the risk of data loss.

When is it happening?

The Tribunal will be using CaseLines for selected cases from April 2019. Further information including a Protocol and User Guide will be available shortly. 

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