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Applicant Solicitors Regulation Authority Ltd
Respondent Rajinder Heer

Case details

Allegation Code of Conduct 2011, Code of Conduct for Solicitors, REL's & RFL's 2019, Dishonesty, Solicitors Accounts Rules 2011, Solicitors Accounts Rules 2019, SRA Principles 2019
Outcome Strike off
Executive summary

Mr Heer owned and ran the Firm from 2018-2022. In 2021 he found himself unable to obtain professional indemnity insurance. The SRA Indemnity Insurance Rules (“SIIR”) made clear provision for what should happen in those circumstances, which ultimately would have required Mr Heer to close the Firm. Mr Heer did not do so and continued acting for clients. He attempted to set up a new firm but was unable to obtain authorisation. The Tribunal found that Mr Heer not only breached the SRA Indemnity Insurance Rules but that he deliberately and dishonestly concealed the position from the SRA, the intervention agents, a third-party firm of solicitors and his clients. The Tribunal also found multiple breaches of the SRA Accounts Rules.

Mr Heer did not engage with the proceedings and did not attend the hearing.

The Tribunal found all Allegations proved in full.

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