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Applications for restoration to the Roll must be advertised in line with our rules.

An application under Rule 17 must be advertised in each of the following ways:

  • In the Law Society’s Gazette
  • In a newspaper circulating in the area of the Applicant’s former practice (if available)
  • On the Tribunal’s website.

If you wish to make an application under Rule 17 please complete the template advertisement form.

Current Advertisements

Advertisements in respect of current proceedings appear below. These will be removed after the conclusion of the hearing at which the application is determined.

Rita Ifeyinwa Chris-Garuba v SRA

Case number 12537-2024. Application to be heard on 10/05/2024

Objections to Applications

Any objections to applications should be served on the Tribunal and parties to the application no later than 21 days before the hearing date. The Tribunal may allow the person objecting to the application to appear before it at the hearing, call evidence and make representations upon which the Tribunal may allow the person to be cross-examined.

Any objections must be served no later than 21 days before the hearing date