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Solicitor and Lay Members are appointed by the Master of the Rolls for a 5 year term which may be renewed on application.

Tribunal Members are not appointed or employed by the Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal or its administration company.

There is no statutory limit on the total number of members of the Tribunal. 

Vacancies are filled following an open and transparent competition. The most recent competition was concluded in April 2022.

Our Current Members

The role of a Member

  • Membership of the Tribunal involves a commitment to devote sufficient time to the Tribunal’s business. This will amount to a minimum of 15 sitting days per annum in addition to time spent on preparation, including reading papers, and (after the hearing) settling findings.
  • Tribunal Members are expected to attend two training days per annum. In addition, Tribunal Members are primarily responsible for keeping themselves up to date with Tribunal practice and procedure, case law and all legal and regulatory issues relevant to the Tribunal’s work. This is a rapidly changing legal environment and the personal time commitment required should not be under-estimated.
  • Cases are often contested and may take days, and occasionally weeks, to conclude. Tribunal Members will be asked and expected to sit for more than one day consecutively on a regular basis.
  • Members are remunerated for sitting days in accordance with fixed fees laid down by the Board of Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal Administration Ltd. Members do not receive separate payment for preparation and settling Judgments. The current daily sitting rate is £595. Members also receive reimbursement of reasonable travel and subsistence expenses which must be evidenced by production of valid receipts in accordance with the current Tribunal’s Expenses Policy.

Applying to be a Member

Details of future recruitment for Tribunal Members will be published on our website.  No applications for membership are considered outside the formal recruitment process.


The Tribunal welcomes applications for membership from all sources. All applications are treated equally. No application will be disadvantaged due to the applicant’s disability, ethnic origin, religion and/or race, gender, sexual orientation, geographical location and/or the size of practice or firm.

The Tribunal’s goal is to secure a wide and diverse range of applicants, willing and able to devote the necessary time to the performance of their duties and fully representative of the equally wide and diverse make-up of the solicitors’ profession.