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Executive Team

Team members work together closely, to administer cases so as to bring them to a hearing efficiently, effectively and expeditiously.

The team is pleased to assist with enquiries from parties to cases and the public.

Please note that the Tribunal is an independent, impartial body. Tribunal staff do not provide legal advice. However they will always do their best to give neutral guidance and will suggest alternative sources of assistance if possible. 

Members of the Tribunal will not enter into personal correspondence or communication by telephone, or email. Any letter or other communication addressed to an individual Tribunal Member will be answered by the Clerk.

The Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal (“the SDT”) is a statutory tribunal and is assisted in its administration by Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal Administration Limited (“SDTAL”), a company limited by guarantee registered in England and Wales under company number 06654464. The address of the SDT and registered office of the SDTAL is 2nd Floor, 45 Ludgate Hill, London, EC4M 7JU.

The Tribunal’s Executive Team is headed by the Chief Clerk/CEO, Deborah Baljit.

Board of Directors

The SDTAL Board of Directors is made up of the following Tribunal Solicitor and Lay Members:

  • Chair: Alison Kellett
  • Director: Paul Lewis
  • Director: Stephanie Bown
  • Director: Bellamy Forde
  • Director: Rob Slack

The elected Officers of the Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal are as follows:-

President: Alison Kellett

Solicitor Vice President: Paul Lewis

Lay Vice President: Stephanie Bown

Executive Team

  • Chief Clerk/CEO: Deborah Baljit
  • Head of Operations: Emma Tully


  • Senior Clerk: Ray Dhanowa
  • Senior Clerk: Audrey Osborne
  • Listings Manager: Joanne Thomas
  • Financial Controller: Michael Martin
  • Senior Case Manager: Marta Bagusaite
  • PA to Senior Clerks/Court Officer: Tracey Homewood
  • Case Management Assistant: Charlotte Dunne
  • Legal Research Assistant: Olivia Chong